All your testing, Inspection Certification and Calibration needs in one place!


Ensure that the highest standards are met with regards to product quality, reliability, durability and safety.

Failures cause major financial damage, endanger the safety of users and threaten a company’s reputation. Testing and inspecting automotive parts is vital in avoiding these negative consequences.


Testing Inspection and Certification methods used by governments, industry and independent laboratories to:

Assess the safety of chemicals,
Determine or verify the requirements of a specification, regulation, or contract are met,
Validate suitability for end-use.
Determine the composition of a sample


Testing Inspection and Certification services to the global food industry to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and to protect public health:     

Shelf Life Studies
Food Microbiology
Food Allergens 


A comprehensive range of infrastructure testing services to the global construction and civil engineering sector to comply with regulations, standards and legislation. 

Consumer products

Prioritize consumer safety, satisfaction and ensure how a product will perform for the consumer using range of our consumer goods testing services. Our Testing service help you to demonstrate compliance with applicable worldwie regulation.


We provide range of testing, inspection and certification services to the agro-food industry.

Make sure your product comply with regulation and business contract, minimze compliance risk and make sure your product meet the standard using our extensive list of TIC services in agriculture sector. 

Marine & Offshore

Explore our diverse Marine & Offshore testing, inspection and certification services. We provide services for specific needs to deliver the best services in the challenging Marine and Offshore sector.

Laser Testing
Engineering critical asessment
Ferrite testing
Eddy Current Testing (ECT) 


Extensive list of reliable testing, inspection and certification services to make sure your products are applicable to all devices, providing end-to-end sollution and regulation compliance. 


LBP can help you with all of your Pharmaceutical needs in regards to the testing, inspection and certification. Ensure safety and compliance of finished pharmaceutical product, raw material, system, processes and components. 

Energy and Power

Browse our extensive list of testing, inspection, certification services in regards to the energy and power sector. We make sure your project a success by verifying functionality, reliability and compliance at every stage. Accelerate deployment and ensure performance of your project in energy and power related sector.

Medical Device

LBP provide testing, inspection and certification services based on the international standards that used by government worldwide to ensure:

Devices performance


LBP can help you with all your Environmental Testing, Inspection, Certification, Failure Investigation, processes, system as well as material and raw material. All of the activities are tested using various method based on your needs. 

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