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Laboratory Business Partner

Due to digitization all companies need to react and adapt faster. 

Who we are

LBP is your digital performance partner within the Testing, Inspection, Certification and Calibration industry, a customer-centric ecosystem for the TICC industry. We excel in connecting, facilitating and strengthening online position of companies within the TIC industry through syndication and collaboration between our partners.

Why we are doing it

Laboratory Business Partner believes in individual value and collective wisdom of the group. A unity of a group of individual values create endless possibilities as well as facilitate each individual to reach its full potential. We strive to continuously create a mutual solution for all parties involved in every facet of our business.

What we do

Laboratory Business Partner helps to increase your online visibility. Show your Services and products where people are looking. We facilitate laboratory engagement, testing, equipment supplies as well as scientific publication.

For who

LBP is a marketplace that allows multiple sides of the TICC industry (Laboratories, inspectors, suppliers, freelancers and vendors) offer their services globally, independently, cost effective and in a fully traceable way.

Make disruption positive within our industry

It is time for a positive change

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