Expand Reach. Simplifiy Process. Syndicate.

Our unique platform concept facilitating lead generation, simple and easy laboratory engagement and syndication between laboratories to reach deliver best-in-class services in the most efficient, effective and mutually benefits all parties involved. 

Advantages of Using Our Laboratory Network

Integrated Marketing Solution

LBP provides a unique all in one marketplace concept serving worldwide market. We are facilitating engagement and information resource for scientists and researchers, and a fully integrated platform for marketers to connect with laboratory professionals. 

Circular Economy

 Get rid of your unused laboratory products using our selling and auctions system. Minimize waste, get additional profit and improve sustainability.

Directing Clients to Your Doorstep

Our online database differs from anything else available as it is designed to help internet users find laboratories that meets clients specific needs from testing needs, syndication. Get more leads and more exposure!

Strengthen Your Online Presence

LBP will help you best utilize our platform as an additional marketing channels to ensure maximum exposure and response when promoting your products. We work with you to create customized campaigns specific to your marketing goals, whether they are branding, lead generation, and/or education.

If Not Now Then When?

It is time for a positive change

First 100 Laboratories receive the early birds discount.
Don't miss a maximum of 50% discount on your subscription. If you are waiting for a sign, this is it!

Reach and Promote

When potential client search the internet for laboratories – not every laboratories websites will rate highly enough for their products to be found. LBP will, and then directs the buyer to the companies that can help. 

With Laboratory Business Partners you reach key decision makers researching vendors and products such as research institutions and laboratories, R&D engineers, scientists, and procurement specialists. Reach your targeted audience by promoting your company with us.

This is a new marketplace and all opinions are equally important to us.
We would appreciate comments with suggestions, help or really anything.
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