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LBP provides range of service providers selections for all of client's outsourcing needs related to Testing, Inspection and Certification industry. We strive to provide our clients with more efficient, effective and cost-saving outsourcing alternatives in every facet of business across various sector.

Advantages For Service Providers

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Expanding Reach

 By joining LBP, you have taken your first step as a global TIC player or expansion toward international market. We ensure global reach and exposure of your service and brands.

New Route to The Market

Our platform is one stop shop ecosystem for TIC Laboratory, Vendors and Suppliers. LBP provide all-in one solution for our client's TIC needs and facilitating new route to TIC market for its service providers  

Directing Enquiries

We direct leads to your company through consultation and demand analysis of a potential client. We direct enquiries to your doorstep with no hassle of uneccesary additional marketing cost nor effort.


Joining our platform meaning that you have sucessfully obtained a new path to your potential clients by adding an additional marketing channel to your arsenal. 

Cost Efficient Marketing Solution

 Expand your reach, get more leads and adds an additional channels using our platforms with minimum cost. Dont miss early bird chance for more cost-efficient marketing opportunity.

Make disruption positive within our industry

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We make Testing, Inspection and Certification outsourcing FAST and EASY

From the needs of specific testing methods, certification types, tailored inspectons, and time constraints, to the various considerations for your projects. LBP knows that the need of fast and easy outsourcing process is crucial for your projects. We can and will direct you to the most suitable service provider at the right place and right time.  Simply tell us what you need and eliminate all the hassle!

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