Supply chain

Efficient, Cost Saving and Delivering Real Value

LBP can help you increase your visibillity and expand your reach.
Excellent process lead to real result!. In our supply chain solution, we combine a network of certified, experienced and commited partners along with LBP process driven approach to deliver measureable business value. Our goal is to focus on providing lean, agile and efficient supply chain solution for our clients.


Display all your tests on our platform and receive request for quotation based on your capabillities. Find vendors for purchase machines and search other laboratories to syndicate or collaborate.

LBP provide acess to a network of highly qulified-industry specific laboratories that commited to delivering real value to your business. Eliminate irrelevant result from internet queries through targeted, specific laboratory research on LBP.


Your products displayed at our platform creates a new route to market. Receive multiple requests for quotation and manage your cleints from 1 central platform.

LBP provide reliable and cost efficient access to range of vendors in various industry across TIC sector. Reduce cost and time to find the products that meet your requirement. Join us and be a part of the digital revolution.

Service providers

Take advantage of the insights and information available from service provider experts on LBP. Get connected to the best-in class service provider of specific industry to demonstrate competitive advantage with reasonable cost.

Make disruption positive within our industry

It is time for a positive change

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