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LBP strives to provide simplicity, convenience and efficiency to connect users with the most suitable vendors according to the demmand and specification. The network of highly-qualified vendors paired with our commitment to serve best-in class service will help you to get the best possible outcome.

LBP Vendors Concept


Our online database differs from anything else available as it is designed to help internet users find vendors that meets the specific needs from testing needs, Inspection to the product supply.


Get connected with list of our highly qualified-industry specific vendors through expanded search results, reviews and consultation to find vendors that suits clients demmand and specification


Joining our platform meaning that you have sucessfully obtained a new path to your potential clients by adding an additional marketing channel to your arsenal. 

Cost Efficient Marketing Solution

 Expand your reach, get more leads and adds an additional channels using our platforms with minimum cost. Dont miss early bird chance for more cost-efficient marketing opportunity.

Why Choose Us?

Delivering value to clients, benefitting all parties.


Efficient Search

We are connecting clients and vendors in efficient way, eliminating all hassle of research, uneccesary cost and consideration process. 


Strengthening Online Presence

 LBP helps its vendors to utilize the platform as an additional marketing channels to ensure maximum exposure and response when promoting your products.                              


All in One Solution

Our platform is one stop shop ecosystem for TIC Laboratory, Vendors and Suppliers. LBP provide all-in one solution for our client's TIC needs and facilitating new route to TIC market for its vendors.  

Welcoming All TIC Vendors Across Various Sectors

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