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Raise Your Online Visibility! Promote your products where people are looking. Our online database differs from anything else available as it is designed to help customers find what they are looking for from laboratories, vendors or service providers.

LBP provide access to a Network of highly qualified industry-specific laboratories, service providers and vendors. Eliminate irrelevant results from internet queries through a targeted and  effective search on LBP and create new business relationships today!

Once you find a product or service, you can engage to contact the supplier directly for more information. You can also send a request for quotation or view more of the companies offerings.
Once you are fully satisfied, you can continue to purchase the product or service. 

Syndicate with others to solve complex problems and to complete difficult tasks. LBP helps increasing syndication and collaboration, which results in winning orders you have never won before. 

A real-time digital engagement platform that gives participants a voice to share their feedback. Our solutions elevate performance improvement and drive ultimate customer experience.

With LBP you reach key decision makers such as  R&D engineers, scientists, procurement specialists, general managers and CEO's . Reach your targeted audience by joining us.

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